Friday Night Deploys


#20 Internship It

April 24, 2020

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Having no idea what to talk about on the podcast! Faffing around! Moscow mules! The real meaning behind the word "artizan"! Keith's struggle with finding mint leaves! Paying way too much for ground pork! How to make at-home ramen! Using animals as toilet paper! Alex Russel being a doodoohead on Twitter! Terrible rural internet! Rendering Photoshop in an iframe! The startup from hell, again! Our college's job board! Sharing 6 jobs across over 100 students! Phil's fallback as a Wordpress developer! The great intro and outro to this podcast! The time Keith had the bright idea to try and record new songs for every weekly episode! Steve Ballmer screaming! GitHub being a problematic company! Coding with a full face of makeup! Web developers being gross! Avoiding accountability! Watching every single episode of the Big Bang Theory! Tibia, the online game Keith used to play! Too Hot To Handle on Netflix! Getting canceled! A little bit about co-ops!