Friday Night Deploys


#23 Finally, A Fan Requested Episode (An Honest Review Of Our Workplace)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Keith's absent father! How we missed another week of the podcast! More references to Puddle of Mudd and Tony Hawks Pro Skater! Being bested by a golf podcast!  Bam Magera as our future podcast guest! Sticker Slapping Groceries! Andreas's podcast request! Being in an alt rock band in your 50's! Complaining that your kid sucks at the bar to strangers during hockey playoffs! Keith's talk at the ForwardJS conference! iMovie being hot garbage! Keith's neighbour drilling stones all day! Mispronouncing Nader Dabit's name as "Naber Dabit"! Our lack of free coffee! What it's like to work at CBC! Early adoption of React! Trying to figure out what a string ref is! Phil taking the reigns editing this weeks podcast! Talking about our workplace carefully enough so we don't get fired!


#22 A Brief Discussion On The State Of The Modern Web

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Getting requests for content! How expensive it is to podcast! Our eventual sponsored content! Apple saying we're too sad for analytics! Bad documentation! Our stupid, simple brains! Getting thrown into the deep end of the pool! Meeting two Vice Admirals of the Royal Canadian Navy! Being careful about who you choose to challenge to a push up contest! The Presedential Fitness Test! Doing 53 pushups! That time Keith lost 120 lbs! How Trump looks perpetually sore! How to redeem 2020 through a world leader fitness challenge! How we're a 25% fitness podcast! Keith's unreliable memories! The entire history of Spike TV! Takeshi's Castle! Phil's big, dirty bundle! The Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remaster! How pure the web used to be! Cellphones getting bigger in order to watch pornography on them! Comparing the virtual dom to PUBG! Getting back into running! Having snowstorms in mid-May! Being called "stud"! Having so many episodes that we have pagination on our page! Reminiscing on 6 AM! Getting 9 hours of sleep! Our expert opinion on the state of the modern web!


#21 Developer Confessions Part 2 *EXTRA SHOCKING*

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Continuing to do a podcast even though nobody is listening to podcasts right now! People questioning our devotion! How things will never go back to normal! How things weren't that great before the lockdown happened! Train VLOGS! Keith's failed rockstar dreams! Having a Vevo account! Spotify ad revenue! How the younger generations of developers are going to take over! Apps built with Windows Forms! Singing Puddle of Mudd at karaoke! Keswick Boston Pizza! Arguing on the internet! Not having the energy to deal with people on the internet! Keith's awful networking professor! Learning things from your mentees! Having nothing excite you anymore! Idiot senior developers! Old portfolio sites! Phil's dream of MVC! Owning way too many domains! More developer confessions!


#20 Internship It

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Having no idea what to talk about on the podcast! Faffing around! Moscow mules! The real meaning behind the word "artizan"! Keith's struggle with finding mint leaves! Paying way too much for ground pork! How to make at-home ramen! Using animals as toilet paper! Alex Russel being a doodoohead on Twitter! Terrible rural internet! Rendering Photoshop in an iframe! The startup from hell, again! Our college's job board! Sharing 6 jobs across over 100 students! Phil's fallback as a Wordpress developer! The great intro and outro to this podcast! The time Keith had the bright idea to try and record new songs for every weekly episode! Steve Ballmer screaming! GitHub being a problematic company! Coding with a full face of makeup! Web developers being gross! Avoiding accountability! Watching every single episode of the Big Bang Theory! Tibia, the online game Keith used to play! Too Hot To Handle on Netflix! Getting canceled! A little bit about co-ops!


#19 Pretty Much Just 35 Minutes Of Us Complaining About Meetings

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Popping this pop! Getting demonetized! Weezer's Blue Album! Grammy award winning artist Weird Al Yancovic! The movie UHF! The movie BASEketball! How people who like Weird Al's original songs vs his parodies are superior human beings! Meteor.js! Our (probably) one millionth stream! Avril Lavigne! Lyme disease! Getting canceled and bringing our podcast back for due to audience demand! The terrible comeback seasons of Arrested Development! Bringing your dogs and kids and cats into your meetings! Becoming Tik Tok famous! Phil's insistence on using inside jokes! The Joe Rogan podcast! Reminding Phil what the show Fear Factor was! A new podcast where we review every individual episode of the Big Bang Theory! How problematic How I Met Your Mother is! Our continued downspiral in quality! Being naked from the waist down during meetings!


Not So Short Shorts #4 - Mentorshit

This week the DevPlebs talk about: lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to! Listening to this podcast while studying! Delivering content with confidence and enthusiasm! Listening to the DevPlebs on your long weekend! Speaking to your family because you have nothing better to do! Messing up the description from last week's episode! reducing the threshold of article views from less than 100 to less than 50! Keith being a celebrity! The trouble with timezones! How resumes are like dating profiles! The Ladybug Podcast, again! Phil's sexual innuendo! Our weekly Magento update! How Drake probably listens to the podcast! Have a happy Easter (as long as you listen to the podcast)! Mentorship or something!


#18 The Self-Isolation Showdown Extravaganza (Part 2)

A follow up episode to how we're surviving self-isolation.


#17 Enter The Interview

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Spilling the tea on Zoom! Attempting to target Gen Z! Moving the podcast to Tik Tok! Not watching porn on your work machine! Drinking and podcasting! The girl at the liquor store who bought almost every White Claw! Reaching 1000 streams! Podbean sending us baked beans for our accomplishments! Jagmeet Singh, leader of the NDP political party in Canada being on Tik Tok! Reinstating gladitorial combat! Whether or not Fortnite is dead! That time Apple put the new U2 album on everyones iTunes! Having absolutely no spine! How writing cover letters is the absolute worst! Keith's month of privacy! The famous Keith pizza story! Telling jokes in interviews that don't land! Phil's terrible impromptu interview! Never hiring anyone taller than you! Chasing clout! Our love for all of our Icelandic fans! The Windows directory structure! DevPlebs x LuluLemon!


#16 The Self-Isolation Showdown Extravaganza (Part 1)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Making bad decisions in your early 20's! Getting shitty homemade tattoos! Wearing weightlifting gloves to do athletic things! Remote podcasting! Phil becoming a cam girl! The reason why our podcast is art! Phil's trust for Keith! Why we aren't giving tips for working remote! Phil's unorthodox working conditions! Weird snacks! Having a disproportionate amount of waffles in the house! The Pomodoro technique! Dreaming code! Working at home with your partner! The tall stairs in Keith's house! More talk about weightlifting gloves? Keith's pillow-y hands and buttery skin! How this entire episode was just a 30 minute advertisement for Zoom! Keith's wife's intestinal issues! Going partially vegan! How our numbers compare to the Ladybug podcast! The Keswick High School Ultimate Frisbee team! An update on our self-isolation!


#15 Developer Pitfalls Or (How Not To Die Miserably In The Hole You’ve Dug)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: The burden of daylight savings time! Becoming a conspiracy podcast! Death threats! Wimpy web developers! Meeting our quota for talking about web development on the podcast! Our collective bad memories! Keith's lazy dogs! Canadian winter! Phil's Gatsby talk and his average sized deck! The ever-declining quality of this podcast! Only listening to audio in .FLAC format! Dropping spoilers for the movie Saw! The market for erotic podcasts! Using bitwise operators to look smart and write unmaintainable code! Holding yourself accountable! Keith's weird promise of fan fiction at 1000 streams! Bidets and Thai butt guns! Weak and lazy metaphors! Professor Jaret Wright! People trying to sell us services even though we're broke! How to be a better developer!

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