Friday Night Deploys


#17 Enter The Interview

March 27, 2020

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Spilling the tea on Zoom! Attempting to target Gen Z! Moving the podcast to Tik Tok! Not watching porn on your work machine! Drinking and podcasting! The girl at the liquor store who bought almost every White Claw! Reaching 1000 streams! Podbean sending us baked beans for our accomplishments! Jagmeet Singh, leader of the NDP political party in Canada being on Tik Tok! Reinstating gladitorial combat! Whether or not Fortnite is dead! That time Apple put the new U2 album on everyones iTunes! Having absolutely no spine! How writing cover letters is the absolute worst! Keith's month of privacy! The famous Keith pizza story! Telling jokes in interviews that don't land! Phil's terrible impromptu interview! Never hiring anyone taller than you! Chasing clout! Our love for all of our Icelandic fans! The Windows directory structure! DevPlebs x LuluLemon!