Friday Night Deploys


#10 The Startup From Hell (Part 2)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Getting slapped with a DMCA notice! Calling out Joshua Fluke! Debating if every Brad is terrible! George Lucas's jowl! A small amount of web development content! Filler episodes! A cattle of interns! ActionScript being the new Star Wars! Working your way up the corporate ladder by driving your boss to work! Watching online chess! Comically deflating like a cartoon character! Giving your opponent your biggest weak points! A devastatingly will-crushing Kickstarter! A BILLION USERS! Missing the mark on Facebook games! Cheating on your spouse! Centipede camp! An actual fan email!


#9 The Startup From Hell (Part 1)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Keith's old band names! Attempting to pronounce Harry Potter spells! Microphone wind screens! Tuxedo shirts! Wearing pajama pants to your job interview! How Phil got his job at Forever 21! The woes of minimum wage! Getting paid in theoretical dollars! 2 chains (not the rapper)! Motivating unhappy workers with a pizza party! Costco trail mix! Building an app on sad, old technology! Feeling bitchy! Emotional baggage! Our eventual Raid: Shadow Legends sponsorship! A really bad startup!


#8 How Working 80 Hours A Week Made Me A Better, More Miserable Developer

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Ruining another podcast episode! Raising the bar for 2020! Bloodstained! Becoming a professional skateboarder! Trains! Our cold, introverted husk! Ashton Kutcher! My failed dreams as a professional Twitter user! Podcast royalties! Youth being wasted on the young! The secret of being a good developer (cocaine)! Becoming a Lead E-Commerce Developer! Weezers discography! Why working 80 hours a week might not be great!


#7 Goodbye 2019, You Trash Fire (New Year’s Resolutions)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Analytics! The resurgence of rap metal! Burning down a Hot Topic! Perverted philosophers! Marketing the podcast to children! Our three listeners in Australia! Hammering down? Competitive Minesweeper! Low Hanging Fruit! The Fentanyl crisis! Selling the podcast to Disney! Air Bud! Robbing a bank! Making a nemesis of Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray! Our New Year's Resolutions!


Not So Short Shorts #1 - Breakfast, Ben 10 & Incel Power Fantasies

In the inaugural episode of our "Not So Short Shorts", the DevPlebs tell stories about people they've worked with ranging from the funny (bad excuses for not making it into work) to the highly unsettling (writing a story about murdering someone in the office).


#6 Developer Confessions *SHOCKING*

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Personal bathrooms! Abuse of height! Gross baby photos! Setting expectations low! Driving success through guilt! Stealing the GitHub Student Pack! Knife crime! Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai! Extrapolating Meaning from this dumb podcast! Lying on your resume! Sorting algorithms! Getting a bad tattoo! Safari's dev tools! Changing our focus from web development to true crime!


#5 Side Projects! (DMX Has A Net Worth Of Negative Ten Million Dollars)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: The British Bulldog! Having babies! Hating episode 4! Doing things! High school nicknames! The regrets of starting a podcast! Ugh, anime! Chain smoking! Peer pressure! Starting a cult! Shredding! Standing on the backs of better people! Gatekeeping! Sucking (listen to find out more)! Top Friends on Facebook! Wilson from Home Improvement! DMX's net worth! Side projects!


#4 How To Not Suck In A Team (And Also Get Rock Hard Abs)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Giving Up! Tik Tok! Screaming in Walmart! Vaping! The LOTR trilogy! Games your girlfriend will hate! Murder? Baby gates! P90X! Rock hard abs! The Amityville Horror! Failing at our podcast! The Plain White T's discography! Defenestration! Giphy! The Phantom of the Opera! Raising the morale of your severely overworked employees with a pizza party! How to not suck in a team!


#3 What Tech Stacks Should You Learn In 2020?

This week the DevPlebs talk about: WatchMojo! Pumping out content! Yooka Laylee! Shoutouts! Dan Abramov! Highschool football dreams cut short by ACL injuries! React Suspense! Nu Metal! Carpool Karaoke With James Corden! Turing (the language)! Snapchat! The Rules of BINGO! Linkin Park! Windows Forms! Chester the Cheetah! Alan Kay, the father of Object Oriented Programming! Dan Abramov again! Finding meaning in abstract art!


#2 Work Life Batman

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Being unfunny! Fire extinguishers! The Microsoft Zune! Phil's Snobby Frame Rate Preferences! The Caped Crusader! Hype-Driven Development! The end of the Matrix where Neo jumps through Agent Smith! The Simpsons questionable animation practices! Cannibalizing Senior Developers! Billionaires! Having an existential crisis!