Friday Night Deploys


#14 Be The G.O.A.T. When You’re Remote

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Keith not being as anti-social as he seems! Building up bad karma from being negative! How Mark Zuckerberg would kill his employees! The torture scene from The Social Network! Phil's bizarre lying story! Getting out of homework! Jay Chesterman's large muscles & great skateboarding skills! Phil hiding from his teacher under a table! Teaching your children to have a lack of accountability! Being locked out of the brand Twitter account! Trap country! Train germs! Gym sweat! Washing your hands for the first time! Keith`s Liam Neeson impression! Office mold! Trust issues! Trying really hard to not say something bad about someone! The perils of micro management! Touques (or beanies, depending on where you're from)! Giving unwarranted nutritional advice! Staying hydrated! Our credentials as water doctors! Mouthguard science!


#13 Sorry, Your Friends Make More Money Than You (#KnowYourWorth)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: React portfolios! Matt Hoffman! Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide on Nickelodian! Phil not being able to ride a bike! Deep dish pizzas! Phil betraying the trust of his family! Overeating! Stealing toilet paper from the college! Phil missing the train! Jason Momoa being in Toronto! Hakata Shoryuken Ramen! $3 for a 20 oz pint of Sapporo! Keith's terrible time skiing! Shallow hips! The movie Shallow Hal for some reason? The bullshit of negotiating your salary! Using self-deprecating humour as a defense mechanism! The true meaning behind "The Six"! Barrie Wrestling! Getting paid way too much! Whether or not people like lakes! Reverse osmosis water filtering! Eddie Guerrero (RIP)! Starting an OnlyFans! Keith's alcoholism! Criss Angel Mind Freak! Adorkable misogyny! Salaries n' stuff!


Not So Short Shorts #3 - The Students From Hell (Part 2)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Our surging popularity! Calendar-uh Phil and Keith! Keith's inherent eroticism! Phil's embarrassing waffle story! Poor bathroom etiquette! Grunting to let people know they've inconvenienced you! Our special Patreon exlusive frequency! Paying people to listen to our podcast! Bomberman! Compare and contrast essays! Mono ultra! Kids who bring briefcases to high school! Secret JavaScript tips that very few people know! Z E N P R O G R A M M I N G! Orphans who like to party! Charades! Adele killing the Skyfall theme! A very obnoxious programmer!


#12 The Incredibly Peculiar World Of Job Titles In Tech

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Our 22 followers on Spotify! Our terrible financial situations! What we would do if we woke up beside a strange, large sack of cash! The Canadian $1000 bill! Drug money! Our awful podcast hosting service! Iceland's government selling the country's DNA! Being taller than 5'8"! Being tech adjacent! Not bothering to compete with technical podcasts! Thousands of people listening to this episode! The time Phil was a Lead E-Commerce Developer! EXTREME PROGRAMMING! The new Star Wars trilogy killing the Jedi job title! Large amounts of cringe! Becoming an alchemist! Phil actually being Star Wars kid! Phil almost throwing a metal pole like a javelin through the skull of a customer! Thomas Hobbes being kind of a dick! Phil becoming a Magento Solutions Architect! A lot (I mean a LOT) of hate for Magento 2!


#11 Maybe It’s Legacy Code, Maybe It’s Just Shit

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Using the podcast to get dates! The weird and mysterious world of fake martial arts! That one time Keith and Phil took a Muay Thai class! Knife fights! Jump Rope For Heart! Keith's grade 8 obesity! The Superbowl! Why Jenga sucks! Fighting people who write bad code! Hooligans! How new code can be just as bad as old code! Phil sabotaging future developers at his old job! The current state of Yahoo! Jamming things into ViewBags! Toothpick and marshmallow bridges! Jake Paul? Udemy's shady business practice! Vanilla Ice signing over the rights to Ice Ice Baby to Suge Knight after being held by his ankles over a hotel balcony! Lot lizards! Scott Stapp not being worth $500! Chris Hansen opening up our YouTube channel!


Not So Short Shorts #2 - The Students From Hell (Part 1)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Keith starting the podcast! Jason Statham! Our laziness with topic ideas! Alcoholic Rockstar energy drinks! Rich Piana (R.I.P.)! Stealing our ideas from the Ladybug Podcast! Becoming a fitness podcast! Matthew Perry in 17 Again! Not Louis CK! Chest puffers! Being stuck sitting beside huge weirdos! Our future wedding episode! A terrible presentation on cyber bullying! The worst take on Bomberman of all time! Making multiple Facebook accounts to argue with yourself! Doing an assignment on Germany about Poland instead! Trash talking our peers!


#10 The Startup From Hell (Part 2)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Getting slapped with a DMCA notice! Calling out Joshua Fluke! Debating if every Brad is terrible! George Lucas's jowl! A small amount of web development content! Filler episodes! A cattle of interns! ActionScript being the new Star Wars! Working your way up the corporate ladder by driving your boss to work! Watching online chess! Comically deflating like a cartoon character! Giving your opponent your biggest weak points! A devastatingly will-crushing Kickstarter! A BILLION USERS! Missing the mark on Facebook games! Cheating on your spouse! Centipede camp! An actual fan email!


#9 The Startup From Hell (Part 1)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Keith's old band names! Attempting to pronounce Harry Potter spells! Microphone wind screens! Tuxedo shirts! Wearing pajama pants to your job interview! How Phil got his job at Forever 21! The woes of minimum wage! Getting paid in theoretical dollars! 2 chains (not the rapper)! Motivating unhappy workers with a pizza party! Costco trail mix! Building an app on sad, old technology! Feeling bitchy! Emotional baggage! Our eventual Raid: Shadow Legends sponsorship! A really bad startup!


#8 How Working 80 Hours A Week Made Me A Better, More Miserable Developer

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Ruining another podcast episode! Raising the bar for 2020! Bloodstained! Becoming a professional skateboarder! Trains! Our cold, introverted husk! Ashton Kutcher! My failed dreams as a professional Twitter user! Podcast royalties! Youth being wasted on the young! The secret of being a good developer (cocaine)! Becoming a Lead E-Commerce Developer! Weezers discography! Why working 80 hours a week might not be great!


#7 Goodbye 2019, You Trash Fire (New Year’s Resolutions)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Analytics! The resurgence of rap metal! Burning down a Hot Topic! Perverted philosophers! Marketing the podcast to children! Our three listeners in Australia! Hammering down? Competitive Minesweeper! Low Hanging Fruit! The Fentanyl crisis! Selling the podcast to Disney! Air Bud! Robbing a bank! Making a nemesis of Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray! Our New Year's Resolutions!