Friday Night Deploys


#23 Finally, A Fan Requested Episode (An Honest Review Of Our Workplace)

May 29, 2020

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Keith's absent father! How we missed another week of the podcast! More references to Puddle of Mudd and Tony Hawks Pro Skater! Being bested by a golf podcast!  Bam Magera as our future podcast guest! Sticker Slapping Groceries! Andreas's podcast request! Being in an alt rock band in your 50's! Complaining that your kid sucks at the bar to strangers during hockey playoffs! Keith's talk at the ForwardJS conference! iMovie being hot garbage! Keith's neighbour drilling stones all day! Mispronouncing Nader Dabit's name as "Naber Dabit"! Our lack of free coffee! What it's like to work at CBC! Early adoption of React! Trying to figure out what a string ref is! Phil taking the reigns editing this weeks podcast! Talking about our workplace carefully enough so we don't get fired!